A Few Things To Consider Before Doing The BIG Chop!

I’ve had several big chops in my life in wearing many short styles from relaxed to natural. I love experimenting with various hair styles with color, braids, wigs, and extensions occasionally, but wearing my hair short in it’s natural texture is my go to for my personal style. I prefer the low maintenance of short styles, so it’s not out of range for me to do a big chop sporadically after my hair grows beyond the length that is of easiest for me to maintain. I’ve had several big chops since my freshman year in college, and I’m now a busy mom in her thirties whose learned that there’s many things to consider in doing the big chop.

I loved my short sassy fade. I had the coolest barber who created funky parts that really brought out the cut.

How Low Do You Want To Go: The length of how short you would like to cut your hair is very important in doing the big chop because that impacts the amount of maintenance that your style will require. I loved my low fade parted with cool designs, but it also took a bi-weekly trip to my local barber to keep the desired look of the style. I perfer my twa (Teenie Weenie Afro) to be between 2 to 4 inches long with enough hair to use the hair twisting sponge, wash & go’s, twist outs, and that will save me on less styling time in maintaining my hairstyle myself.

Consult A Professional Hairstylist: I am a self professed kitchen beautician that has styled my hair and others for years. I will be honest in saying I have had some big chop mishaps in cutting my own hair in attempting to cut it all evenly and blending it when attempting to style it in a faded style. It’s best to save the embarrassment in walking into a salon or barbershop with a baseball cap on to uncover in the stylist’s chair a bad botched cut or with bald patches. Been there done that. Don’t do that to yourself Girlfriend!

Find A Product System That Works For Your Hair type & Style: It’s very essential to whatever hair length you have to discover a product line that works well with your hair type or stylem. It’s best with short natural hairstyles to take the time to discover products work well for your hair. I like products that are natural in being plant based, light, that moisturize my hair, that are good for maintaining a healthy scalp, and that help me maintain my desired style. I don’t like products that weigh my hair down leaving a lot of build up, that flake, or dry my hair. I have a gumbo mix of natural products and oils. However, my favorite product systems are Cantu and Aunt Jackies for my 4C hair type.

I love the way Aunt Jackie make my hair feels ,and it makes my coils last.

Natural, Relaxed, or Something In Between: I have worn my hair short and relaxed, but that required at lot of visits to my stylist. I cut my hair off a few times years ago and rocked a short texturizer. A texturizer is a mild form of a relaxer that will loosen the curl pattern in most hair types, but not make the hair bone straight as with a relaxer. I felt locked into the chemical process with relaxers and texturizers in wearing my hair short with the onset of new growth. I’m not personally against relaxers, texturizers, or those who choose to texlex their hair. I’ve colored my hair with my big chops and short hairstyles. I just enjoy the versatility of my hair being in it’s natural hair texture .

Example of my 4C hair with a texturizer. I used Luster’s Short Looks Texturizer Kit

Keep Hair Moisturized & Hydrated: Short hair needs moisture and a clean healthy scalp too. Hair that’s moisturized shows. Be sure to drink the daily recommended dose of water to keep hair, skin, and nails healthy. Consult a professional and do research to better understand your hair type, texture, and find oils that work best work best for your hair. Use products that aid in keeping your hair moisturized and not dry. I use Black Jamaican Castrol Oil for my scalp, olive oil and coconut oil, and shea butter. I like to use Cantu’s daily moisturizer before styling my coils. It’s best to take the time to learn what oils and products work in being a moisturizer and a sealant for your hair. Hair that is chemical treated needs to stay hydrated and moisturized to prevent breakage and damage.

Remember Your Choice & Your Hair: I remember when I first started to wear my hair short I would get various questions from some people who were use to seeing me wear my hair longer in wondering why I make such a dramatic change in my appearance. I think now most who know me don’t bother to ask. I have cut my hair with the big chop for various reasons throughout the years. I remember when my mom was going through breast cancer I wore my hair low in solidarity of her fight. I have cut my hair in switching things up for a new season in my with spicing it up with a new color.  I wear my hair short now merely for convenience. It doesn’t matter your justification of why you may want to do a big chop because it’s your choice, and it’s your hair.

My current length, cut, and color with my twa.