My Favorite Protective Styles

I adore wearing my 4C natural hair in a low TWA ( teeny weeny afro) in a variety of styles. There are also seasons where I want to give my tresses a needed break in wearing protective styles to give my hair a rest. I usually wear a protective style anywhere between two to nine weeks making sure to care for my scalp underneath. I’m a chameleon with the protective styles I wear in color, texture, and length. These are a few of my top protective styles.


I love braids! Braids can be styled individually, crochet, or in cornrows. I can usually get a couple weeks with braided styles. I can wear them up to two months or longer. I can braid my hair myself with extensions, but I choose to visit a salon that specializes in braiding if I want the style to last longer. There are so many accessories you can add to make your braids stand out.

Crochet Styles

Crochet braided are a little different from individual braids. Crochet braids can be used with both synthetic or human hair. I simply cornrow my hair and use a latch hook to intertwine each extension between the cornrow section. I add more hair for a fuller look, or I sometimes space hair sections out if the extensions already have volume.

I used Nubi Spring Twist for the style above. I liked that it was close my natural texture.

Wig It Out

I loved this wig! It’s lightweight, bouncy, and  full of curly volume with a realistic look.

The best things about wearing wigs for a protective style is the fact they are removable, interchangeable, and come in a variety of styles. I perfer wigs that are more curly, but I love a good bob to! I have both synthetic and human hair wigs. I’m not partial to human hair wigs or synthetic wigs. I do think that whatever wig style you choose that it’s super important to care for them in delicately following the care instructions on the package. I also advise that you care for your hair underneath the wig with proper moisturizing, washing, and if your hair is longer enough to braid it underneath your wig for double protection . It’s essential for you not to apply heavy glues, gels, pins, or adjust your wig to tight in preventing damage around your hairline.

Wrap It Up

The wrap worn on the left came already tied in , and the wrap on the left is actually an old Tshirt.

There are some days where I choose to just wear my hair in a lovely head scarf or wrap. I like that I can dress up wearing a wrap with makeup, earrings, and a bold lip. I have wraps that are already styled that I just put on as a hat. I’m not shy from using a colorful scarf, shirt, or fabric that I have here at home to complete my look if I choose to wear a head wrap for a week.

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