Hi I’m Mini !

Hi I’m Minimarie, those who know me or get to know me simply call me “Mini” for short. I’m a born and bred Georgia peach. My southern belle personality combines with a delicate mixture of sweetness, sassiness, and style that I share as a writer in my lifestyle blog. I’m an ambivert that steps out of my comfort zone in connecting with others through blogging and vlogging. It my passion to share with others the benefits of living a life with intention, empowerment, joy, and growth in wisdom. Family is very important to me, and I share my life as a mom on my sister blog Purpose Filled Mommy with Minimarie. https://purposefilledmommywithminimarie.com/

I write insight on how to cultivate maintain balance with home,work, relationships, friendships, and my love for fashion in transparency by simply being Just Mini. Thank you for joining me on my blog!

Hugs & Love ,

Mini 💋